A Membership Plan For Affordable and Convenient Chiropractic and Wellness Services In San Antonio

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Introducing the ChiroHealth Membership Discount Plan, which makes natural pain relief and healing affordable and convenient for you and your family. Our discount plan helps you save money, is easy to understand, and allows you to receive the chiropractic care you need.

If you have insurance coverage for chiropractic care in our office, we can still bill your insurance plan for the benefits you have available. When your major medical insurance benefits are exhausted, ChiroHealth Membership allows you to continue to receive care at affordable rates, with straight-forward pricing. If you do not have chiropractic care coverage or would like to avoid using your insurance due to high deductible or copay, the ChiroHealth Membership Discount Plan is the perfect alternative so you can receive cost-effective treatment.**

Join at any time! Annual membership is only $49 for you and your immediate family and is valid for a full 365 days from the time you join. Your chiropractic care membership can be renewed every year to continue the savings!

By joining ChiroHealthUSA, you and your family are eligible for discounts that make chiropractic care and our other therapeutic services more affordable. Check it out!!!

ChiroHealth Membership Plan

  • Annual Enrollment: $49.00 (Includes you and immediate family members).

Membership Discounted Fees

Enjoy savings on additional therapies and services as a member of the ChiroHealth Discount Plan.

  • X-Rays Per Area (spine can be 1-3 areas)
    • Regular Price: $90 - $220
    • ChiroHealth Member Price: $55
  • New Patient Exams
    • Regular Price: $75 - $165
    • ChiroHealth Member Price: $75
  • Re-Exams
    • Regular Price: $60 - $120
    • ChiroHealth Member Price: $60
  • Single Adjustment
    • Regular Price: $40- $50
    • ChiroHealth Member Price: $35 - $45
  • Therapy Services (ie. EMS / Ultrasound / Traction)
    • Regular Price: $40
    • ChiroHealth Member Price: $20
  • Exercise Therapies (Each 15 minutes)
    • Regular Price: $50
    • ChiroHealth Member Price: $25

With membership, New Patient Visits are capped at $179 and Routine Visits are capped at $79.


To enroll in the ChiroHealth Membership Discount Program, please request an application from our office. Annual enrollment fee of $49 - payable to ChiroHealthUSA via check or credit card - is due upon receipt of the completed enrollment form. Membership benefits begin immediately and are valid for a full 365 days from the date of purchase.

Certain limitations apply to enrollment. Some insurance plans prohibit enrollment in discount plans, and HSA or FSA benefits may not be available for services received. Please inquire with our front desk or billing department to find out your eligibility for enrollment in ChiroHealthUSA. Join today to experience the benefits of ongoing chiropractic care, including natural neck and back pain relief and more!

** See application for restrictions.

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