Chiropractic Testimonials

"As a competitive masters swimmer, I train seventy to eighty thousand meters per month and am fortunate enough to be ranked in the top ten nationally in the 200 butterfly. The butterfly stroke is a short axis stroke that places a good deal of pressure in the lower back area. An MRI had revealed that I had a herniated disc in the L4/5 region. Your practice was recommended by my medical doctor due to a great level of success with individuals experiencing back problems. I am pleased to report that I now can swim pain free, thanks to your care. I would like to convey my sincere thanks to you and your staff for exemplary care during the course of my treatment."

- Donald W., General Chairman of South Texas Swimming and Competitive Masters Swimmer

"I was recommended to Dr. Otterman by my personal trainer while training for the 2003 Texas Shredder Natural Bodybuilding Championship. I was suffering with back tightness and scoliosis. Given that bodybuilding is such a visual sport, I figured it would be a good idea to treat my scoliosis with chiropractic care. The treatments consisted of rehab of the lower back muscles and specific chiropractic adjustments. I was impressed to say the least by the way I felt after my first session and how much my scoliosis had improved after about three months of treatment. I truly believe that chiropractic care plays a very important role for anybody involved in sports, whether professional or amateur."

- Agustin D., Natural Bodybuilding Champion

"April 22, 2005 was one of the luckiest days of my life. From that day to this, my body has undergone what I consider to be miraculous changes, thanks to Dr. Otterman and his wonderful staff. I hesitated initially because I knew very little about chiropractic medicine. Finally, as my condition worsened, I gave it a try. Dr. Otterman began a series of manipulations, physical therapy and fitted me with custom orthotics. Imagine my amazement when, after only two weeks, I felt straighter and walked much more easily than I had in years! While the succession of doctors I have seen before have attributed their failure to my weight and age, Dr. Otterman is a CAN-DO man. He finds the trouble and he attacks it with a positive attitude. Dr. Otterman is rapidly restoring my health. He is caring and kind, and treats the person as well as the disease. Whatever my physical problems, Dr. Otterman is there for me with realistic answers and successful solutions."

- Barrie W.

"My first visit to Dr. Otterman was in April, 1997. I had been experiencing pain in my right arm and shoulder for several months. The pain had been increasing until my activities had become restricted. I could no longer do needlework and my work on the computer was extremely limited. I had seen an orthopedic doctor who prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and when these didn't work, he recommended a cortisone shot in the shoulder. I decided to see Dr. Otterman, my first visit to a chiropractic doctor, before enduring the pain of a shot in the shoulder. He quickly diagnosed the problem and began treatment on my first visit. After the first few treatments, I could see marked improvement. After about three months I was literally pain free. I would highly recommend chiropractic is practically painless and drug free. Dr. Otterman and his staff are extremely professional while making you feel very comfortable and cared for. Your well-being is their top priority."

- Lana M.

"Hi, I'm Gabrielle..everyone calls me "Gaby." I'm nine months old now. When I was three months old, my mom noticed that my head had begun tilting to the left. She worked diligently on it at home by propping my head extra-straight whenever I was in my swing or car seat or lying down. I got better, but it continued to recur. When I was about four months old, after much prayer, my mom decided to take me to a chiropractor. She has taken my two big brothers and two big sisters to chiropractors from time to time, but never a baby. This was a new idea, and a little bit scary! However, Dr. Otterman was very gentle, kind and conservative with me. He called my condition "torticolis" and encouraged us that chiropractic care should help. From the very beginning I did nothing but get better and better! I saw the doctor once a week for a couple of months and now I am tilt-free. Everyone at Advantage Chiropractic & Physical Therapy has been wonderful to me, and to my family, and I would highly recommend it to anybody - baby or otherwise!"

- Gabrielle L.

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